Saturday, July 19, 2008

Schmidt Legacy

My Grandma Schmidt will be turning 103 on Monday!!  What a story she could tell!!!  God has certainly blessed her with many days.  I have memories of visiting her place when I was growing up...she lived just down the street from us...I remember doing lots of smiling and nodding - she spoke only German and I was not great at it!  So using lots of non verbal cues was what we did.  She baked the best "Brune Kuchen"  or brown molasses cookies - big, soft, chewy cookies that she never needed to use a recipe for.  Another time I spent the night there (I remember she had pink Dove soap in her bathroom - maybe that's why she still looks so young!!!) and for breakfast she made these amazing thin crepes stuffed with raspberry filling.  She just kept making more and more, and I kept eating them.  I guess she understood the verbal cues of me eating them to mean "just keep making more"!

How special it was to take pictures of Oma Schmidt with Nate a few weeks after he was born!


Here is our 4 Generation Picture - isn't it hard to believe there is almost 103 years difference?!

I just had to add this is absolutely one of my favorites, and makes me smile every time I see it.  I'm sure the journey has been long for Oma Schmidt, and she is tired - ready to be with her Savior in Heaven!  Nate is just plain tired and ready for a nap!

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