Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not excessive... just plain AMAZING!!!!

I've been blown away in the last few weeks by two totally amazing structures.  The first one was built by the Falk family; the second by the Schmidt family.  WOW!!!  I'm proud to say they're all in MY family.  I do believe the bigger Schmidt family's mantra should be "Go Big or Go Home!!  Both of these structures show super creativity along with a lot of planning and hard work.

I can just imagine this full page spread in the covers of  "Doggies" magazine, advertising for a luxurious retreat....

Nestled among the fragrant pine and spruce trees
you will find this peaceful oasis awaiting you.
If you crave some peace and solitude, this beautiful
cedar cabin offers a spacious and beautifully decorated
interior for relaxing with a good chew toy, or just 
putting your paws up for another afternoon nap.

After a day of exploring the great outdoors and checking
out the wildlife in the surrounding area, treat yourself
to a wonderful dinner, dining al fresco on the covered patio.
Nearby, you will find the main lodge, which offers all the
conveniences you may desire, along with a staff of 5 who
are more than happy to meet all of your needs...

And here we have another retreat for the three 2 legged creatures in the Schmidt home!!  All I can say is  "hi yi yi"!  These have got to be the luckiest kids in the neighborhood.  I'm thinking there will be some overnighters happening here!  I'm wondering, are they gonna have to pay taxes on this residence??  We'll be sure to book ahead early to make sure there are openings available for our next vacation!

Well, that's 2 out of the 4 Schmidt families.  Now it's up to us Hiebert's and the Hildebrand's to keep it up!!  Mom and Dad always "go big".... I wonder what they'll surprise us with next!  They did mention they need to rebuild their garage....hmmmm!

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