Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Play "Find the Nate"

We took Nate in to get some photos taken this week.  We did similar poses to the ones we had done for Brady at around the same age (Nate is 2 1/2  months in these).  We've always thought the two looked similar, but comparing these pictures sure proved it!!  See if you can find Nate in these pics!  
Sorry the resolution isn't great in these - they are just photographs of the actual pictures!

Okay, if you just check the receding hairline on Don, it may have given you a clue!!  The top picture is Nate, the bottom one is Brady!

Well, that one is a bit of a "gimme"!!   Nate's blanket was quilted by my sister Michele.  Brady's was knitted by my knitting friends - Deana, Renae and Lena.

These boys are going to be Flyers fans one day!  Or maybe they'll choose different teams, just to make their Daddy crazy!
Top one is Brady and bottom one is Nate.

So, these boys are brothers for sure!  Nate has a bit of a rounder face (courtesy of Carole), while Brady was always a bit leaner.  None the less, it was fun for us to see!

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kristin said...

So excited to see you have a blog too! Nate is looking so cute, and growing so fast! Thanks for sharing with us.