Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Big Ol' Bro

Since you only turn 40 once in your life, I thought this would be the best time to share this little gem with my big brother - who turns 40 today!

My sister came across this note recently.  It was written by me, to my brother Kerry.  She found it tucked away in one of the Encyclopedias that we had at home growing up.  Judging by the content and my reference to 'Johnny' (my brother's boss - AKA Johnny Buhler -  for a short time after Grade 12, before Kerry moved on to big things!!) this note would have been written somewhere around 1991.

I had a good laugh over it!  Although everything in it remains true.

Happy Birthday Kerry!!!

In case you can't read it, here it is:

Just a little note to say 'Hi'!  Hope you are having a great day (don't give Johnny too much trouble!).  Just wanted to say that I really love you and appreciate all that you do for me, even though I don't show it all the time.
I'm praying for you and remember that Jesus really  loves ya and is looking out for you! 
P.S. I made these cookies specially for you!  Enjoy them and eat the whole batch if you want!  I'm on a "diet"!

 Love you, Kerry!!

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kathy said...

Hey Carole,
That is awesome! Thanks
I'm sure the cookies were great.
I love you to! And thanks for the cool memory