Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sweet surprises.

Isn't it just like our God to send us little surprises to brighten our day!  We've been talking about Kingdom Moments in church recently - and we've had a few of them!!

Just one example:  After a bit of a rough morning (after Don had left for work) getting Nate's meds in and doing his finger poke, and getting him happy - or at least compliant enough -  to head to Brady's school at 10:30 for their Spring Concert, Don called me after lunch and gave me a little patch of God light for the day.

An envelope, addressed to us, was sent to Don's work.  In it was a card with beautiful words that touched us both.  Someone that we don't even know, but is a friend of our friend (that's you, Shawna!) had heard about Nate and was following along on our journey through this blog.

In the card were also instructions to use the gift they sent to go out for a meal, and treat Brady and Nate to special treat.  When I told Nate about this person, whom we didn't even know, but knew all about him and his operation.....and wanted to do something special for our family - and that HE could pick the restaurant for supper, you should have seen his little face.  His eyes got big and looked at me excitedly, and yet he was trying SO hard not let his mouth turn into a smile.  He didn't succeed - and soon that cute little smile broke through his lips.  I told him that he could tell Brady about the special surprise and he did that with pride and excitement.  He picked his favourite Winkler restaurant - Twisters!

So, to the dear one, who made my boys day today, I thank you!!!

Tomorrow we head back to Winnipeg to the heart clinic.  It seems like we were just there, but it's been a week already.  He still had some fluid around his heart last week, and hopefully the echo will show that it's been resolved.  They'll also do blood work after the echo, and get our INR machine calibrated to the lab's INR results (please pray they get enough blood this time).  His INR numbers have been a bouncing around a bit.  From too low at 1.9  late last week, to too high at 5.0 on Sunday.  The sweet spot is 2.5-3.5.  But I suppose this is to be expected at the start, especially with the sporadic diet he had at the beginning, which has been increasing (changing the absorption of the warfarin) to getting a method of having him ingest the whole dose (my kitchen counter is turning into a drug lab as I crush and mix pills and try to hide them in different drinks, etc.!)

Thanks again for your love and kindness - for your prayers, emails, meals and hugs!!

Love you all!

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