Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All Done

I had to repeat those words many, many times as he came out of the procedure. He wasn't happy, but after he got settled in recovery with me, he has been more content.

The cath went just as planned - so thankful!! Now we're back up on the ward. He has complained about pain in his leg, but just managing it with Tylenol. A few more hours of cartoons and we should be back to our 'hotel'.

We had to ask for this smile....but he gave it to us for a few seconds - enjoy!!


Rachel said...

Lovin' that beautiful smile!!!

Esther said...

Hey Carole,
Catching up on your blog today and just had to tell you....Thomas had his heart cath in June. Everything you described mimicked our own experience. Right down to bumping into Linda. What are the chances of that?!.....We thought we were in the clear after the valvuloplasy. Aortic valve looks good....but at the followup appt. we were told we are now contending with a dilatation of the aorta. Not nearly as serious as Nate's condition but we are hoping we will be spared a trip to Edmonton as well. Your faith is an inspiration to many who follow your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Anonymous said...


My name is Kathryn and my son Jackson has CCTGA just like your son. I have been searching for another family that is dealing with the same issues and until now have not been able to find one. Could you e-mail me a way to connect with you? Like your e-mail? Here is a link to our blog:

We have connected with so many heart families in the past 2 years, but have never been able to reach out to another patient with the same diagnosis. You can contact me through the blog or at

Looking forward to hearing from you and being able to share some of our journey too!