Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Few Firsts...

Today finally feels like we are getting back on track.  What kind of track, I'm really not sure, but back on some sort of track!

It was the first day that everyone went to sleep in their own beds, and woke up in their own beds.  And slept through the whole night.  What a nice thing to wake up to!

It was also the first day that Nate finally agreed to take his amoxicillin without us having to put him in a headlock (literally) and get it down with him kicking and spitting (again, literally!) since getting the prescription for his ear issue on Tuesday.  A very good thing!

And if you've been following my friend, Christine's blog or Facebook page of her son Tim, you'll know that Tim is enjoying many firsts with his NEW HEART!!!  So many prayers have already been answered!  And Tim would love for you to follow his Facebook page!  You can leave him a note, too!

Here are just two pics from our last week....

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