Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Misadventures of Nate the Great

Just when you think your plate is full....well, just push everything over a little and you'll find you can squeeze a bit more on the side!  Now, this would be fine if we were talking literally, and you were scooping on another serving of verenki or something!  Unfortunately, in our case, we're adding on something a little less savoury.

This afternoon, Nate took a fall off of his chair while finishing up lunch.  He landed smack on the side of his body.  To make a long story short, he broke his collar bone.

He's doing pretty well, but it kind of changes every part of the day to day.  Right now, he's sleeping on the recliner.  He tried lying down in bed, but that was obviously causing him pain.  The injury is on his right clavicle which is rendering his dominant hand useless right now, being in a sling.  It feels similar to how life was post-operatively, the careful way of picking him up 'scoop style', feeding him his meals, and just being wary of his every move.  I'm told these things can take up to six weeks to heal, but I'm counting on the resiliency of a child, and the power of prayer to the Great Healer, to get him back to his regular self.


Jeannette Rainkie said...

Oh the poor little guy! My kids were the most accident prone kids around when they were that age, we had to deal with stitches numerous time and broken legs and arms. He's a fighter and will come through this just fine. Hope his moms okay too! Lol almost always seems to be just as hard on us.
Take care of both of you!

Rachelle said...

Oh Carole, this sounds really hard! Praying for rest for you emotionally and physically and that Nate will heal quickly and be a trooper.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Nate's mishap! Praying that he heals quickly & is back to feeling like himself again soon! I'm sure Brady must miss playing with him already!
Bonnie K.