Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catch up...

I'm not sure what's been keeping me from updating here...Yikes!  I was looking through my pictures, realizing I hadn't taken any in January, so it's actually a good thing I haven't posted since before Christmas so I will have something new to share!

Brady was quite thrilled to have his cousin in the audience for his school concert!

Dec. 24th was the Schmidt Christmas extravaganza!
Some traditions are just too good to change!
We missed having family from Mississauga, but skyped them in,
 and enjoyed Christmas 'together'.

Yes, another Big Bang analogy....remember when Sheldon created the "Shelbot" so he could stay at home, and send Shelbot into the world and work instead.... okay, sorry, just a brief departure here!

Christmas morning had a Lego theme...

And we had to document the green GRASS.....absolutely crazy for Manitoba!

The Lego theme continued at the Hiebert Christmas!


And my scientists enjoyed creating their very own volcano.

But the Biggest and Happiest news had to be these two!!!!  Congratulations! 
So excited for you!!

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