Monday, December 19, 2011

Short & Sweet

Those two words sum up a few things!

There was very little waiting this time around, probably about an hour start to finish, so that was good!

Short also describes Nate's disposition:  oh yes, he was not a happy camper!  He had been doing so well leading up to this appointment, even with the role playing we'd been doing at home, but once we were inside the clinic he was a different boy again.  While we were trying to settle him for the echo he even gave me a verbal:  "You are bad!" several times!  But, like usual, in the end we were able to get the tests done.

So where does the "sweet" come in?  Well, of course, when we're putting our jackets on and saying goodbye, Nate was just the sweetest little guy waving and talking to the staff.

And the report was very similar to the last one.  The gradient remains the same, or maybe slightly higher, which shows the band is starting to do some work.  Liver remain normal, leakage is still the same.
She considered coming off the Lasix completely, but given the 'sick' season we are entering, it would be best to have the Lasix to help in case he does come down with every virus this time around!
All will be re-evalutated in April.

Thanks again for thinking of us and for praying!


Heather said...

Thanks for the update. Continuing to pray...

kristin said...

Sounds like good news again. That's great. We are headed there Friday morning, we'll have to try to get the same day next year, so we could keep each other company at least during the long wait!

Anonymous said...

Great news!