Monday, March 28, 2011

We thought it was OLD!

Okay - how about a departure from my regular ramblings...

If you know me well, you probably know that I love a good home reno project. I also love all things related to design and decor. So, since that's what is happening in our house right now, you're invited to come along and take a peek.

This week's project is our master bedroom. We haven't touched it since moving here about 6 years ago (has it been 6 years??? and we're still in the same house?!?).

Anyway, the carpet has always been on our radar for replacing one day.

It's pink.


Oh yes! Are you loving it? It's in pretty good condition, but seeing as how all the other bedrooms in the house have newer carpet, we were pretty sure that this lovely pink must be original to the house. So we'd talking about 34 years. That in itself is enough to make me cough up a dust mite! And the pink....well that was another motivating factor!

You can imagine our surprise, when we pulled out the carpet a few days ago, and found the previous home owner's name, who only lived here a few years, written on the back of the carpet.

Not so old, after all. I guess that explains it's good condition!!

Anyway, with the carpet out, it's a great time to paint, so that's been my project for today. Thankfully the boys have allowed me the time to do two coats already....thanks in part to a new 456 piece Lego set (I'm sure he'll have a 'review' posted to Youtube sometime soon!).

(getting his 'review' all set up!)

And so, the carpet gets installed tomorrow. None too soon....we've got bedroom furniture in the dining room and sunroom, and our mattress in the living room entrance. Yes, we've been sleeping in the living room.

No need for any late night drive by's, you hear?

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