Friday, March 25, 2011

Brady Boy

I have been delighting in my big boy, Brady. He has been bringing so much fun into my life! He fills me with love, with pride, with wonder and amazement. He says the craziest things, and sometimes the most profound things.

His love of reading has been one of the best gifts to me. My Brady, barely 5 years old, is growing up so fast! It is incredible to watch him read, to listen to him, and to witness his growing understanding of the world around us. Very much like his dad, Brady has become a 'fact' guy. The precise information that he 'keeps in his brain' always astounds me!

I came upon this scenario the other day. He has a book about the Titantic that he loves to read to me. When I walked into the room and saw this, I needed a little explanation.

He was reading the book to Nate. He told me that he was in the Titanic, and Nate was in the Carpathia (did you even know that the ship that came to rescue the survivors was called that?).

And then, there is that cute innocence that is so adorable in kids. In an email he sent to his Grandma and Grandpa (whom he hasn't seen in 4 weeks now) he ended the letter with this line:

"I miss you a lot but I still love you!"

And I love that as I'm transcribing the emails he sends, he tells me where to put the exclamation marks!

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