Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don's Blog post!

Here are a couple of Don's pics of his amazing weekend in Chicago.

(Hockey stick tree???)

Michael Jordan is dressed for the occasion.

It's all about who you know! The guys were very lucky to be able to sit in on both the Flyers and Blackhawks morning skates.

Went to a White Sox game to pass time in the afternoon.

And then the real reason for the trip!

The Flyers didn't win the game, but that almost didn't matter. Don had such an incredible time. And apparently the Chicago fans (okay, the drunk girls) sitting close to Don thought of him as quite the novelty....wanting their pictures taken with this crazy Canadian that was cheering for the Flyers! It seems that as soon as the Chicago fans found out he wasn't actually from Philadelphia, but from Canada, they were able to have a good time together!

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