Friday, February 12, 2010

I *Heart* You all!!

So, here it is....the first ever little giveaway on the blog! I super excited about it, cuz I'm super in love with the prize. Up for grabs is a brand new adult (size Large) pair of Canadian Olympic mittens!

These things have been in hot demand - and I'm considering entering this contest myself (but I won't!). Hope the lucky winner enjoys them!

Here's the deal. You've got to leave a comment to enter. One comment per person, and you've got till Sunday evening, 11:00pm (CST) to enter.

It's super easy to leave a comment, even if you've never left one before. Just go the bottom of the post and click where it says "Post a comment". If you don't have any of the ID's that are listed in the next screen, just click on 'Anonymous', and leave your comment. Just be sure to leave your name in your comment so I know who the winner is!

I'm looking forward to hearing from LOTS of you! I'll announce the winner Monday morning!

And to make it more fun, here's a question you can answer in your comment:

Which winter Olympic sport are anticipating watching the most? or Tell me what your Valentine's Day plans are!

And just for fun, here is Brady's version of an Inukshuk and the Olympic flame!


Deana said...

Ya...I'm #1!! No plans for Valentine's. If you expect no surprises, there are no disappointments!! I mean come on, last year I got a giant donut!!! I know I am loved!

Anonymous said...

I can't sit still through the curling. It is an epic event in my life. I also don't mind the skating, the skiing and my boys are into the Bobsledding, thanks to "Cool Runnings" and a Jamaican Bobsled team.

Ang Nickel at

Cam and Carmen said...

I am hoping to watch the women's hockey online and maybe some skiing. Great opening cerimonies:) No real plans for valentines just might watch a movie.

Carmen Matthies

kristin said...

I "heart" those mittens Carole! I'm looking forward to watching all of the Olympic sports. It's so fun watching with the boys!

As for V-Day, I'm looking forward to spending the day with my 4 valentines. We're making pink heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and there will be other heart shaped treats that day I'm sure.

Happy Hearts Day to you and your boys!

Eva said...

Very cute. I would love a pair.

Lucky10 said...

Hi! Thanks for posting on Cassidy's Carepage. I did make a button for our blog just last night.
Can you send me your email address so I can send you the code?
You can email us at

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

"I BELIEVE"...I lost my mittens :)

February 14th. and everyday is God's gift to say, "I love you"


Anonymous said...

Can't believe I almost missed the contest.....glad I checked in on you :). The kids showered me with homemade Valentines this morning while they enjoyed heart shaped waffles and chocolate hearts.
Have a great day with your men!

Rachelle said...

My plans for Valentines today is to go to another banquet at Winkler Bible Camp. This time I get to sit with my honey and enjoy. I will also be going on stage to embarrass myself dressed up as a Mennonite woman and belting out some tunes for the skit. It is great fun. Oh ba yo!

As for the Olympics. We sadly do not get TV at our dwelling. So, Tues we are packing up the family and heading to mom's for a couple of days to take in the Olympics. We will watch anything that is on those days as beggars can't be choosers!

Bonnie said...

Happy V day to you all!
I spent the day with my favorite people, my hubby and kids, and I am feeling the love : )
We built a fort in the basement, created a musuem's worth of Crayola masterpieces and cheered on Christina Groves as she won her medal. Feeling blessed to be a family and a Canadian!

Anonymous said...

Those mittens remind me of "Happy Valentine's Day"! I am looking forward to next time I will serve the family "Happy Hearts" waffles cooked outside.
As for the Olympics "GO CANADA GO - I BELIEVE"

Kerry said...

Hey Carole,
Just found out about your contest, you know you should be in sure know how to create "buzz".
Happy Valentines day to you and your family. We just got back from a friends house where we watched the 6 hour Daytona 500 and flicked back and forth to some Olympic luge.
Have a great day!!

Tam said...

oh I just mentioned to Jer I really wanted a pr of those mittnes! We've pretty much been watching non stop when we've been home. I love it all. But I am looking forward to the hockey finals.

Anonymous said...

Here I am... slipping in under the wire! Looking forward to watching figure skating and hockey the most. As for what I did today, took it easy this afternoon - napped and watched the 3000m speed skating, plus a little NASCAR in between. Went to a Winkler Flyers game this evening with my Valentine!!
- Heather

Anonymous said...

Last is best.
- Richard