Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Showers of Blessing

I wish you could hear the background music I've got going on....I have all the windows open so I can listen to an awesome thunderstorm going on. I love the sounds of a thunderstorm (not so much when I was little....) and the downpour of rain.

Now let's just hope the power doesn't go out, or this post will also be washed away!

The last week has seemed to be full with so many blessings. And all of them so unexpected.

....unexpected gifts

....unexpected opportunites

....unexpected words that have encouraged me

Sometimes the valley is low - and sometimes we are lifted up to the top of the mountain. And even though I need to have joy in the valleys, too, I'm thankful for these times where God's hand and provision is felt so clearly in our life.

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kristin said...

I also enjoyed watching the rain today. It was a good excuse to spend time doing crafts with the boys. So glad to hear you are doing well right now. And of course you have me curious now about all the good stuff going on :-)