Friday, July 10, 2009

Class of '89

It was the year of 1989.

The Berlin Wall came down.
Big bangs were in, as were mullets and big glasses.
The big hits included B-52's Loveshack, Phil Collin's Another Day in Paradise, Madonna's Like a Prayer, Paula Abdul's Straight Up.
And Milli Vanilli was huge.

And my beloved graduated from Morden Collegiate Institute.

He was a studious bookworm and got good grades.

Tonight Don is going to the first event of his 20 year high school reunion!! I don't know if I feel old (because it's his 20 year) or young (because it's not mine....although I am over half way there!)

Here's his graduating class. Can you find him?

Third row from the top, second from the right.

Here, I'll zoom in for you a little.

Isn't he a babe....that suit is an amazing work of grey, shiny kind of fabric.

I wouldn't meet him until 9 years after these pictures were taken.

Enjoy these pictures while you can, people! I'm pretty sure the minute he sees them on here, they'll be getting the ax!


kristin said...

Oh those are great Carole. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a fun weekend Don!

Ang said...

Those were the good old days. Thank you for picking on Don that way. I can't believe it's been 20 years for him. That makes him old. I love those glasses.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...I remember those days! Must mean my 20 year reunion if coming up in the next several years. Yikes!
Charlotte U.

Carole Hiebert said...

Would LOVE to see your grad pic Char!!! See if you can beat Don in the largest glasses competition!! Although, I'm sure the 90's brought with it much more refined taste (and smaller glasses!)

Anonymous said...

Carole, my grad picture has big glasses AND big hair. Yikes!