Monday, April 21, 2014

An Anniversary...of sorts

Well, too much time has passed (again), but today felt like a good day to update!  Someone very dear mentioned to me that every time she checked the blog and saw the "Adios" post come up again and again, she wondered if maybe that was the end of my blogging. :)

So, to be honest - (and this blog is all about that!) - this is where we've been at lately.

This time around, it was my heart that was being checked.  Throughout December, January and into February I was feeling unwell.  I was having frequent chest pain, irregular heart beats, strange headaches, sudden onsets of extreme fatigue and just a general feeling of unwell.

After going through the medical tests of blood work, EKG, and a 24hr Holter monitoring (just like Nate ;) ), the doctor summed it up as 'stress'.  For me, that was actually a relief to hear!  I wasn't feeling any more stressed than I have in the past, but for some reason, it just got to the point of the stress manifesting itself through physical symptoms.  I haven't changed anything in my life since then either, but I have been feeling 97% better for the last two months, and I thank God for the healing He has brought me.

Anyway, that explains my absence here (I hope!).  And leads me to reflect on the past year - especially today - when we think about where we were exactly one year ago today.  Don and I were in sitting outside the doors of the CICU at the Stollery in Edmonton, while Nate was in the middle of surgery.  What a flood of emotions that return.  This year of recovery has felt long and hard, but to see where we've come from and where we are now fills me with thankfulness!  And to spend the Easter weekend with family, celebrating the gift of life, forgiveness and love of our Lord, completes this fullness.

So here is a quick look back at the last few months!

It was a very LONG and very COLD winter.....

But there was also beauty in it!

Winter holiday = A night away and a lot of pool time!

Awana car races...

...with Grandpa

School project to create The Burj (also Sports dress up day!)
My cuties
Lego hockey - why not!

On the last shinny morning, the parents joined the kids. Watching the moms and dads 'try' to stretch along with the kids before the game was priceless!

Easter Sunday

And today....boys will be boys!  (And the snow is gone!!)

And here are a couple of throw back pics from exactly one year ago to show where our family was at. A quick pre-surgery family photo, and Brady being loved and taken care of by Grandma and Grandpa during that time.


Heather said...

Another year!
Anniversary dates carry a lot of emotions.
Praying for you all.

Heather said...

Another year!
Anniversary dates carry a lot of emotions.
Praying for you all.