Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wipe Outs and other Sunday fun!

We had a pretty fun Sunday afternoon.  And even captured some parts on camera to share!

After church and a quick lunch we headed out to the big snow hill for some GT Racing. All four of us had so much fun, complete with one of the "older" boys hitting a few snow ramps, and then admitting he wasn't 10 anymore, and maybe should avoid those from now on!

Also, Don captured him and Nate going down on the GT.  He wanted to get Nate's expression as they went down....which was great, until they had a major wipe out!  But it was a fun one, according to the boys!

After some Timbits, Nate suggested we warm up in the hot tub.

Supper at Dairy Queen followed, meeting cousins and friends while we were there.  And then home to bed for the boys, and some Grammy entertainment for Don and I.

A fun day!  Good ones to have, with memories to keep close!
We don't have any more information on Nate yet.  We're still waiting on the team conference and their recommendation.  Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!!

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