Thursday, April 19, 2012


What has 'sprung' in the Hiebert home?

Outdoor play!!!  

How do we survive the winter each year??  So thankful for impromptu baseball games, soccer, and street hockey games.


What's better than an outdoor Easter Egg hunt?
Opening each and every little treasure to discover the treat inside!

We had such a great weekend together as a family.  From the wonderful services at church and celebrating communion, to the great food and time spent with both of our families.

The extended Hiebert family descended on our home and we had fun getting ready for it.  Brady took some time to create the name tags for all of his cousins.

I took inspiration from some of our favorite restaurants that cover their tables with paper, and did a copy cat for the kids' table.
After the kids were done their meal, but still needed to wait for the adults to finish before getting their dessert, the markers came out and kept the kids totally occupied (and happy and quiet(ish)!) until we were all done.

It was fun to see their creations!

Game Night!!!

Well, it was more like Game Afternoon.  It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, when Don heard these words:

"Daddy, can you teach me to play Risk?"

It was like music to his ears!  Now, Don and Risk go way, way back.

In 1981 to be exact.  Don's family was living in South Korea when this game was first introduced to the Hiebert boys.  The boys liked to hang out at the Hospitality House on the American Airforce base nearby.  They would spend hours playing games and watching movies with real life soldiers.  Life couldn't get much cooler than that.  Somewhere along the way, the GI's brought out this game and taught the boys how to play.  The game made it's way home with the Hiebert family, along with many memories!

Unfortunately, I really have no desire (yet) to learn how to successfully play this game, so you can imagine Don's pure enjoyment teaching Brady and Nate how to play.
That first game was played over the course of 2 days:  before school, a quick turn or two at lunch, and after supper.  And to the ultra-competitive Brady, it was a good thing that he won that first game!

The game looks every bit as aged as you would expect.  The cards worn and bent.  One can only imagine the hours the Hiebert boys spent battling it out!

And now our own Hiebert boys are continuing the tradition!

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BK said...

LOVE the paper-covered table idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for our next family event! You're SO creative - a real gift!