Saturday, November 26, 2011

11 in '11

December is a great month full of celebrations for us!  The first day of December we get to celebrate 11 years of marriage!  Some time ago, we planned that we'd head out for supper to celebrate 'sans kids'!
Last night, I was just reminding Don of our plans, and here is how the rest of our conversation played out.

C:  "Can you remember the last time we went out on a date?"

D:  "Ummmm."

C:  "Hmmmm."

D:  "Well, remember that last time we went to Mulligan's for a late supper?"

C:  "Oh, yes.  Hmm....that wasn't our anniversary last year, it must have been the year before that?"

D:  "Yeah, you're right."

C:  "Well, do you remember that one day I needed to run in to Winnipeg to pick up a lens, and you came along, the boys stayed at my parents,  and we had supper at the Keg?"

D:  "Right, but that wasn't this last summer, that was the summer before."

C:  "Hah.  You're right."

Oy.  Now, I don't say this to complain, but rather to challenge/motivate/nudge you to go on a date!!  If you can't remember the last time you and your spouse went out, or, if you clearly remember - and it was in a year other than 2011, I say just do it!

Now, let's have fun:  We all need some 'me time'/'we time' once in a while.  Leave a comment with what you did on your last date or what you did for some 'me time' OR what you would love to do on your next one!  Don't be shy!

And since a post is way more fun with a picture, here are my boys enjoying some 'brother time'!


Karen said...

Your post made me laugh! We had a similar conversation a few months ago, and have since cleared up the situation. We contacted the babysitter that we had not used in what she stated was nine or ten months, and went out for just a little supper and a walk around town, just the two of us. Very unromantic, yet very romantic all at the same time. I hope you enjoy some "we time".

Racheal said...

We just went on a date this week. Nick picked me up a peach smoothy, from Jonny's (my fav), and then we went out to see a movie. We had a great time together.

Racheal said...

We just had a date this week. Nick picked me up a peach smoothie, from Jonny's (my fav). Then we were off to see a movie at the theater. I state at the theater, because we actually had a date out of the house. We usually have our dates at home. This was a wonderful evening for us!

Rachel said...

Hee, Hee!!! Stan and I are wracking our brains on this one . . . we think we went to a movie during the summer of 2010. Can you say 'Iron Man 2?' The only other time I can remember doing something like that was when we headed to Boston Pizza for our anniversary about 3 or 4 years ago and headed home early because we missed the kids. We're soooo weird!

Heather said...

We've had 2 dates in the last 9 months! (since officially becoming parents)
Once just supper out, and more recently supper followed by a movie at the theater in celebration of our 15th Anniversary!

Lenore said...

Rachel - I can remember a much more recent time when you and Stan went out without the kids! I know because Vic and I really enjoyed watching Renee and Kyle get run ragged!(Seriously, Renee and Kyle had lots of fun.) With teenagers it is much easier for us to get out by ourselves, in fact, we often get left home alone ;)

Rachelle said...

Let's see... Our last date was swimming at Lake... Oh wait our last several dates have actually been at home playing games (so we can stay awake) while we visited. Next one... Paul Brandt concert in Wpg. We are going in for the whole day. We have to get 3 babysitters to do it, but we are determined to carve out a day together!

Carmelle said...

O SUCH a great post! I am super excited for you guys to get your date on! Woo! Soon your new neighbors will gladly watch your boys so you can do this on a regular basis ;)
Let's see, we went Christmas shopping (locally) last week for an hour and a half, it was great. And a few weeks before that we went on a twenty minute walk together, that was wonderful! And our upcoming date will be next week as I surprised Bill with concert tickets yesterday!

Bonnie said...

On our last date my amazing husband took me to Rome, Venice, Paris and Frankfurt!
(Did I mention this was in 2009? His motto is go big or stay home. Yup, we had incredible babysitters!)