Saturday, October 29, 2011


Don says that I say that a lot.  And I just said it again.  Has it really been over a month since my last post?


What have I been doing?!?

Well, apparently the last month has been a flurry of activity - both big and small!  We've been very busy celebrating some big birthdays - and some younger ones, too!  We finished up soccer, started up story time at the library, bought a residential lot to build on in spring, enjoyed Thanksgiving with our families, got into party planning mode for an awesome 70th party for my dad, welcomed my brother and his awesome family back to Winkler for a week, tried to keep up with laundry (sort of), and began spending our late nights 'house designing' with graph paper and our thinking caps on.  That's a start.

And here's one thing I never thought I'd do...

Yup, my first ever cattle drive!  I was feeling a little bit 'pioneer-ish'!  Thanks, Bonnie, for the awesome rear shot and Kristy for the fun off-roading!!

Hope to be getting back to some more blogging now - daylight hours are dwindling, and 'inside the house' hours are increasing!

Happy Saturday to each one of you!


Kristy said...

That is a great picture Carole! I thought of it this morning, I was gonna bring my camera but then I forgot.

Rachel said...

You know, Carole, this IS the best view for a cattle drive! All the action happens from behind. Have to admit it's one of our favorite fall events!