Monday, August 15, 2011

Before & After: The Basement

We'll head downstairs now! The basement was pretty standard. A bit of panelling, white paint, no defined activity areas, good carpet but not my color choice.

There were some things I wanted to change (carpet), but couldn't justify it. Other things were definitely in my scope to do.



Biggest change was paint! Typically, in a basement, you want to brighten things up, keep them light and airy. Well, I didn't do that! I went for impact, drama, and a bit of cozy!

Dark brown paint from floor to ceiling, covering up the panelling, and taking attention away from the 'not as current' carpet. The photo makes it look like 2 browns, but it must just be the lighting, as it's all the same color!

Do you want in on a secret? Here goes: I wanted to create a cozy living room/TV watching area, but needed something to frame it all in. My solution? Bamboo blinds and full length side panels on a black iron rod. But the secret?? There are NO windows behind those blinds!!!!

The other side of the basement is Toy Central! In other words, no pictures! I tell you, it takes about 38 seconds for that room to go from tidy and organized to chaos!

On to another little basement project. Behind the rec area, there was a small room with some nasty carpet, interesting doorway, but the room had no purpose.

So, if you know me, you know I enjoy a bit of sewing (I come by it genetically if you look at my family!). I thought this would be the perfect little spot to set up!

I painted out the panelling, bought a carpet remnant from a flooring store, and installed some cabinetry that was getting taken out of my dad's business (ie. free for me!).

I love having my sewing machine set up all the time. Also, having a place for storing crafty stuff, wrapping supplies etc. My butterfly table sits in the adjoining bedroom which can be pulled out for a bigger work surface.

I've still got some 'good' (ie. hilarious) before pictures....I'll be back with another room soon!


Colleen said...

I enjoy seeing the before and afters! I should get you to decorate my house for me.

Karen said...

I love the sewing room. I too have my machine set up at all times, but my room does not look that clean!

Heather said...

Loving the "tour"!
Has it really been that long since I've been in your basement? Or are these changes fairly recent?

Carole Hiebert said...

Hmm, has been a couple of years, for sure. I guess it's been a while since you've been there!

Carmelle said...

Wow WOW WOW! That rec. room area transformation is incredible! You are amazing! And the sewing nook is a great idea as well!

Bonnie said...

What a transformation in every room! Amazing! Feels like I'm watching DIY network! LOVE the dark colors!!