Friday, July 22, 2011

Work Holidays!

Well, the Hiebert boys are having a camp-out in the trailer on the driveway..... that leaves me alone in a very quiet house! And it gives me a moment to do this!

We've been going non-stop this week. Don took a week of holidays - but we haven't been doing too much relaxing! It's been a work week. We picked the 2 hottest and humid days of the year to tackle a shingling project on the house. We worked HARD! And I developed a new respect for roofers! Which reminds me - I should submit my hours to Don....wonder how well he pays! We've been finishing up a few other projects, and purging a lot of 'stuff'..... a load of 'donations' to MCC, a load to the e-waste drop-off bin (really....that 486 isn't going to come in handy any time soon!), and another post-renovation load (ie. toilet!) to get taken to the dump. Feels good to do one of these clean sweeps, and is necessary too, as we ready our house for sale (SURPRISE!).

No details to share yet....simply because we don't know them yet, ourselves! But I will say that I'm excited about where this adventure called life will take us....(although I'm pretty sure we'll stay in Winkler.....I think!). And even though right now, we don't know what the next step is, God is so faithful. That's just how he leads us. One step at a time. Through all of our circumstances, I've come to trust and rely on Him like never before. He has been showing us how He clearly cares about this big things, and yet we fully see how He is just as concerned with the little stuff, too. It is SO incredible to have this sense of peace and assurance. When we are quiet, and wait for Him to lead us, He will show us the way we should go. And guaranteed, his plans are so much more beautiful than anything we would have arranged!

And since no post is complete without a picture, here's one to remind me about the other kind of holidays we like to take!


Brenna said...

Carole, my are a true inspiration to me. Hugs from California. Brenna

Rachelle said...

Wow Carole! Exciting! May God continue to be your peace and guide! Hope to see you on Thurs!

Carmelle said...

oooh wow sounds like a lot's been going on at your place! And what a cool shot of your family! I love it!