Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Greatest Day

Okay, maybe not the Greatest Day ever....but it was a pretty fantastic day, and it just happens to be a line in one of Chantal Kreviazuk's new songs!

So, while you turn the song on, sit back and enjoy and I'll tell you about a fun day that I had!

On Tuesday I was back to work for the real deal. And I felt pretty good too! This year, our office decided to do a different kind of Christmas party. We omitted the spouses, changed it from a typical fancy dinner in Wpg, and an overnight stay to JUST us girls, during a regular work day, and we went to the SPA!!

It was pretty great. We worked the morning, then went out for lunch together. We got to the spa just before 2, and were pampered till 5:30! We took a little bit of time between treatments for some drinks and snacks. Super fun!

And in a last minute impulse, a dear friend and I decided to go see Chantal Kreviazuk's concert in Winkler. Now here is the most unbelievable and most amazing part. The morning of the concert, my friend went to get tickets....would you believe that we got tickets for.....wait for it....the FRONT ROW!!! And not just front row in the wings.....FRONT ROW - CENTRE!!!

And the concert. Incredible. Chantal has a powerful and moving voice. Amazing strength in her voice. She's pretty funny, too! Her talent on the piano was indescribable! Especially in this venue, where the stage is not even 3 feet away from the front row, it felt like she was singing right to you! Seriously, several times she looked at me....and smiled....AT ME!

A live performance like this is hard to describe and put into words. Just take my advice - if you ever have a chance to see her show....make sure you do!

And a funny thing that happened. We were walking back to the vehicle after the show, and a lady walking in front of us turned around and said I looked just like the opening act (referring to Meaghan Smith, the opening singer). I just had to laugh. Apparently, all it takes is brown hair and bangs to look like her! Her music, accompanied by her husband on guitar (I'm a sucker for husband/wife duos!) was pretty fantastic, too! Loved every song!

So, like Chantal sings in this song....this was a pretty great day!
And thanks Charity Faye Spa, coincidentally, one of the concert's sponsors - and the location of our awesome staff Christmas party! That's another place everyone should visit!
And a final thank you to whomever cancelled their front row tickets the morning of the concert....I'm forever grateful!!!

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